Saturday, 5 March 2011


Title: Explosion Of The Star
Format: A split cassette release from 2010 on the Eternalwinter Records label (Italy), cat ref EWR004 with colour covers and unmarked tape.
Limitation: 30 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

Fortezza Longobarda
01. Destination Moon 0.59
02. I.I 6.18
03. II.II 4.59
Saturn Form Essence
04. Vibrations Of Solar System 25.40
Nebula VII
05. I 20.14
06. II 3.34
07. Nihil 5.34

A split tape between three ambient drone/minimalist/experimental bands from across the European continent was always likely to be an interesting voyage of discovery. The label, Eternalwinter Records ( describe the results as "cosmic ambient", and you'd be hard pressed to dispute that nomenclature on the basis of the aural experiences on offer here.

Fortezza Longobarda are an Italian project, who contribute their own form of ambient experimentalism at the outset of the tape, using samples of the moon landings on the first track 'Destination Moon' to good effect. Ending the split is Russian project Nebula VII, whose mixes take you to the furthest reaches of the known universe ... and beyond.

Our main focus comes with the middle - and longest - track, 'Vibrations Of Solar System' from Saturn Form Essence. As with other recordings from this Ukrainian project there underlying music is simple and pure, created electronically and often with lengthy periods of near silence as the literal vibrations of sound flux and warp their way across your synapses. Impossible to meaningfully describe, suffice to say that if you were required to embark on an interstellar trip of immense distance and time, the mental preparations would have to include exposure to this sonic impulse as a mandatory part of your training.

Transcendent and tranquil in equal parts, it's a pleasure to revel for 25 minutes in such an experience.

There are plans to release the tracks on CD with a re-run of the tape versions together with re-vamped versions for the digital pressing. Here's a flyer for said album, and it would be well worth investigating further.

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